The Best Graphic Designers to Rebrand Your Wedding Photography Business

photo by Magic Wedding Photographer

When it comes to representing your business, it’s important to have the right tools to not only market yourself and services but your overall style and vibe. Having proper branding and logo designs to show off who you are through your website, social media, business cards, and other marketing tactics will help you make a lasting impression on potential clients. After all, you’re wanting to stand out amongst the competition and get those bookings! Working with a graphic designer to rebrand your wedding photography business will benefit you for years to come. So whether you’re needing a branding refresh or you’re looking for a graphic designer for the first time, we’ve got you covered with 10 of our favorite graphic designers!

logo design by Ink and Laurel

Studio Antheia

Creator: Morgan Brewer
Style: Dainty and minimalistic designs
As Seen In: Kristine Elisabeth Photography, Kandis Marino Photography, Mikayla Herrick
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Chez Nunez

Creator: Anna Nunez
Style: Modern illustrative and hand-drawn designs
As Seen In: Brandi Potter Photography, Jordan PhotographsNorthern Native Photography
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logo design by Chez Nunez

Maggie Lian Design

Creator: Maggie Lian
Style: Bold and classic graphics
As Seen In: Wave, Dandelion, Chum
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Lovely Savage Studio

Creator: Alejandro Gomez
Style: Classic and traditional illustrative and hand-drawn designs
As Seen In: Pablo Laguia, A Fist Full of Bolts, Nirav Patel
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logo designs by Lovely Savage Studio

Third West Studio

Creator: April Zelenka
Style: Minimalist and modern branding
As Seen In: Mollica Films, Sunny Frantz, Casey Hurley Photography
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Ink and Laurel

Creator: Sam Palencia-Elias
Style: Hand-drawn illustrations and fonts
As Seen In: Autumn Nicole PhotoAbigail Reeder Photography, Megan Freeman Photo + Film
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logo design by Ink and Laurel

315 Design

Creator: Ravyn Stadick
Style: Minimalist and timeless designs
As Seen In: Rosey Red Photography, Jonnie + Garrett, Oy Photography
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Faceless Creative Co

Creator: Jake Ryan Saunders
Style: Bold and traditional designs
As Seen In: Rivers and Roads Photography, Sunnie Heers, Bone and Sol Photography
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logo designs by Faceless Creative Co

Bella Rae Design

Creator: Bella Rae
Style: Hand-drawn icons and fonts
As Seen In: Love Jules Photography, On The Times Photography
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Green Tie Studio

Creator: Mattie Tiegreen
Style: Modern and minimalist graphics
As Seen In: Lauren Louise Photography, Taylor Dawn, Martel Event
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logo design by Green Tie Studio, photo by Lauren Louise Photography

Now that you’re ready to give your branding a facelift, next you can focus on marketing your wedding photography business with its new, fresh look!

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