Items Every Elopement Photographer Should Carry

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The success of your adventurous photo session lies in your preparation—specifically when packing your bag. Being ready for anything and any situation is a strength that’ll leave you with some epic photos and raving reviews from your clients

When prepping your backpack, you’ll only want the necessities—packing light is key. But what exactly are the essentials? Obviously, this will differ for every photographer, destination, and style of shoot. But the “basics” will be the same for the most part. Beyond your gear, here are all the things you should be packing in your bag for a one-day session as an adventurous elopement photographer. 

A Sturdy Backpack 

It’s all in your backpack–you need something to carry all this stuff in, after all. A weather-proof, sturdy, and comfortable bag is crucial as an adventure elopement photographer. It will protect your gear and necessities for your potentially long journeys. These camera bags do tend to have a heftier price tag, but investing in a high-quality bag will pay off in the long run. 

Rain Jacket Or Poncho

As a photographer, dressing for the weather is incredibly important. In an adventurous photo session specifically, you need to be prepared for any and all weather conditions. That’s why investing in a compact rain jacket or poncho is always a good idea. 

Rain Covers For Your Gear

If you find yourself stuck in the rain, you want to ensure you and your gear remain dry. On top of having a rain jacket, make sure to pack rain covers for your camera body and lenses. They’re a helpful tool even beyond the rain. They make for a great precaution if you’re shooting in the water or under waterfalls. 


Golden hour photos are so magical–it’s no wonder why photographers try to schedule sessions during this time. With that being said, if you’re an audacious photographer, odds are you’ll find yourself embarking on an early morning or late night session. That’s why a headlamp is a must-have. 

Insulated Mugs and Water Bottles

Whether you find yourself on a strenuous hike, setting sail on a boat, or even dodging ocean waves with your couple, water is always a necessity. Having insulated mugs and water bottles filled and handy will keep you hydrated and warm if you’re braving those cooler temperatures. 

Basic Medication 

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: as an adventurous photographer, you need to be prepared for anything. That’s why having medication in your bag like Advil, Dramamine, and even allergy pills will come in handy at some point. This simple addition to your backpack can be a lifesaver for you and your clients.

Standard First Aid Kit

All photographers should have a standard first aid kit in their camera bag at all times. If the bride gets a blister, you’ve got it covered. Maybe you fell and scraped up your knee, no problem. The basics, like bandaids, alcohol wipes, and Neosporin, will save minor incidents from ruining the photo shoot as a whole.

Your bags are officially packed, but preparing for an adventurous elopement session stretches far beyond just packing your bags. As a photographer traveling to some unique places, odds are you’ll have to acquire a photography permit at some point. To make sure you’re prepared, here’s the lowdown on everything you need to know to obtain an outdoor photography permit.

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  1. Catherine

    Great post with some really important tips. I don’t carry medications though. I’m also a certified guide and I’m not actually not allowed to give medication to anyone.

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