5 Quick And Easy Reel Ideas for Wedding Photographers

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It’s no secret that Instagram has made video content king, making it harder to show off your work as a wedding photographer. Gone are the days of posting a single photo and receiving likes and praise. In are the days of stressing about what kind of video content you can create. Trust us–we understand how frustrating it is. 

But we want to see you succeed, which is why we’re rounding up some quick and easy reel ideas that you can use when you’re feeling uninspired. 

Quick And Easy Reel Ideas

Get To Know Me

There’s a trend going around for photographers right now that is a simple way to help your audience get to know you. All you need is a photo or two of yourself, along with a round-up of some of your work. Not only does this help your followers learn a little more about you, but it also acts as a way to show off your photography.

Photo + Video

We know that you’re running around doing one hundred different things when you’re shooting a wedding, but consider taking some video footage on your phone as a small “behind-the-scenes” of the day. Then combine it with the photos from the wedding for a glimpse of what the special day was like.


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Engagement + Wedding

As a wedding photographer, there’s a good chance that you’ve shot couples’ engagement photos and wedding photos. Why not combine them in a reel to show off the relationships you’ve formed with your clients?

A Photo Roundup

This is about as simple as it gets. If you still want to show off your weddings without going above and beyond, create a reel that’s just a photo roundup. Because this concept is so straightforward, you can play with the music based on the aesthetic of the wedding or choose a sound that’s trending.


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Offer Tips

When couples–your target audience–are going through your social media, they want to see things that show off your work and show that you’re going to go above and beyond to ensure that they get unique, creative shots. Offering tips is one of the easiest ways to show that you’re not afraid to think outside the box and do what you need to get the perfect picture.

Your audience is sure to love these quick and easy reel ideas! Now that you’ve some content under your belt, be sure to check out the marketing strategy that most photographers get wrong!

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