Unique Instagram Post Ideas To Boost Engagement

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Photo by Flora Gibson

There’s many moving parts when it comes to successfully marketing your wedding photography business. One important component is social media marketing—specifically on Instagram. From using the perfect hashtags to creating engaging captions, there’s a lot for wedding photographers  to think about. 

Consistently coming up with creative Instagram post ideas that set your wedding photography page apart can be difficult. There’s a need to stand out, but coming up with creative ideas can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, we’re here to remind you that you’re not alone. Whether you’re in a creative rut in need of new post ideas or just searching for ways to boost your Instagram engagement, we’ve got you covered. 

We’ve compiled Photobug Community’s tried-and-true Instagram unique post ideas that’ll take your social media marketing to the next level. 


Unique Instagram Post Ideas To Boost Engagement 

1. Introduction Posts

Your followers like to see who’s behind the beautiful work they see scrolling on their Instagram feeds. Try sharing more personal information, stories, and photos that represent you. Doing this allows your followers to connect with you personally—turning followers into loyal clients. 

If you’ve done this in the past, look at your feed and see how long ago it was. It’s okay to introduce yourself more than once a year—we promise. 

2. Behind The Scenes 

Behind the scenes (BTS) footage shows a behind-the-camera perspective your followers don’t usually get the chance to see. This gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you and prepare for their big moment in front of the camera. 

Sharing BTS footage from recent sessions you’ve captured is also a great way to boost engagement, while upping your Instagram reels game. With reels being an important component of determining your reach on Instagram, it’s a double win. 

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3. Before And After Comparison Photos 

A wedding photographer’s work stretches far beyond the camera. And many people fail to recognize the amount of time and energy needed to create these images that they’ll cherish forever. Help your clients understand the true power of post production work by showcasing before and after photos. 

This also has the potential to turn into a profitable side-hustle if you’re looking for a little extra cash. If you’re often asked what you use to edit photos, selling your own presets may be a great way to bring in extra income while also boosting your Instagram engagement. 

Photo by The Hendrys

4. Round-up Carousels 

Round-ups are an effective marketing tool that can be used to share more of your work, create saveable content, and add value to your social media pages. Instead of sharing one image from each wedding on your feed, get creative to show off your skillset. 

You can round up your favorite photos for one event—giving your followers a better idea of the wedding theme and details that can be used as inspiration. Or create broader round-ups like “the best national parks to exchange I do’s” showcasing a variety of images from different celebrations you’ve captured. 

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5. Share Wedding Tips 

Odds are this isn’t your first rodeo and you’ve probably gathered a lot of helpful wedding day dos and don’ts over the year—so share them! As a wedding photographer, you have a unique perspective that both wedding planning couples and other photographers can benefit from. Use this as your chance to get creative and create saveable content your followers will want to revisit. 

Here are a few tip ideas to get your round up brainstorming started: 

  • Engagement photo posing ideas 
  • What to wear for your engagement session 
  • Reasons you should have an unplugged ceremony 
  • Ceremony backdrops that photograph the best 

6. Use Your FAQs To Your Advantage

If you’re consistently getting asked the same questions from clients, odds are there are more couples with the same curiosities. Use this to your advantage. By answering questions people actually want to know you’re adding value to your page. In turn, making users more inclined to follow you, engage with your posts, and ultimately hire you. 

Here are a few starting questions you can use to kickstart your brainstorming: 

  • How much does a photographer cost?
  • What questions to ask before hiring a wedding photographer?
  • How to request a list of specific shots you want? 
  • Should you tip your wedding photographer? 

7. Share Reviews From Clients 

Feedback is crucial to the growth of any business. People rely on reviews when it comes to just about everything—shopping, picking a restaurant, and especially hiring a wedding photographer. If clients take the time to write a raving review about working with you, share it! 

You can post the review in the caption or round up a few of your favorite images, ending with the couples review on the last slide. This is a fun way to share your positive feedback, give potential clients an idea of what it’s like working with you, and still keep an aesthetically pleasing feed. Win, win, win. 

Photo by Tania Salim

Tips For Boosting Engagement 

Now that you have a list of post ideas. Here are more tips for boosting engagement:

  • Create saveable content
  • Use personalized and specific hashtags
  • Don’t forget the location tags 
  • Schedule Instagram posts for your peak times 
  • Add a call to action in your captions 

Now that you’re packed with Instagram post ideas that’ll boost your engagement, it’s time to perfect your brand’s tone. Check out these tips to help you create meaningful, attention-grabbing captions without the stress.

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