Wedding Photographers! These 7 Blog Post Intro Ideas Will Help Make Blogging Super Quick and Easy

photo by Sandra-Lee Photography

Stumped on how to start your blog post? Well this is for you! If you’ve been a part of the Photobug community for awhile, then you know that we’re big advocates for blogging! We, along with your clients, enjoy seeing you show off your work and display a full wedding from beginning to end. So to help encourage you to blog more and make the process a little bit easier, we came up with seven blog post intro ideas that will help blogging become a breeze. So say goodbye to that mental block and say hello to that SEO boost you’re about to give yourself!

photo by Andrew Sun Photography

Highlight the vendors

Chances are an incredible team of vendors worked hard on creating a magical day for this couple, so why not give them a shout? Mention their kick-ass services, business, and link to their website! This not only helps them with backlinks, but they are likely to share the blog post where they can show off their hard work and contribution!

Highlight the venue/location

Paint a picture by describing the venue and location of the wedding. Were there ocean waves crashing in the distance? Tall pine trees that have needles rustling in the wind? What about an indoor space with light spilling into the room from the windows. Go into detail and gush over the small things to highlight the surrounding areas. (The venue will love it – we guarantee it!)

photo by Jessie Schultz Photography

Tell the couple’s story

Everyone loves a good love story, so why not tell your couple’s! The couple’s story can either highlight how they met, their first date, or the famous proposal. Their story will introduce your audience to the couple and set the tone for their wedding that you are featuring on your blog.

Detail a special moment from the wedding

Think about the couple’s wedding day. Did anything stand out? Perhaps a family tradition or a sweet, emotional moment between the couple? Whatever it may be, write about it! Pick an instance that stands out to you and use that inspiration for your introduction.

Describe the wedding style

Nothing sets the tone and vibe of a wedding that dedicating an introduction post all about it! Describing the wedding style can highlight decor, colors, vibe, and various details that are unique to the couple’s wedding.

photo by Summer Leigha Photography

Highlight a funny moment during the wedding planning process

If there’s a moment that the couple has shared with you during their planning process? Maybe something unexpected or a surprise? Use that unique moment for a little bit of comedic relief in your blog post.

From the couple’s perspective

Change the point-of-view completely and switch to the couple’s perspective. When you send off their gallery, send along a short and sweet questionnaire highlighting some key points from their day. In your blog post, you can write a few sentences introducing the couple and then quote them on what they had to say about wedding planning, their favorite moment of the day, advice to other couples, etc.

photo by Kartsie Photography

We hope this inspires you for your next blog post and cuts down your writing time. If you enjoyed these seven ideas, then you need to try these 7 hacks to boost your Facebook page engagement!

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