What To Wear As A Wedding Photographer

Image by Bruno Garcez

Whether you’re an experienced professional or just booked your first gig, selecting the perfect wedding day attire as a photographer is a tough choice. There are many factors that play a role in your wedding day attire—functionality, professionality, and style. As a photographer, you’re not bound to specific requirements, but it’s important that every aspect of your outfit is both practical and professional. 

Still not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve compiled our top tips and outfit inspiration—fit for all photographers—that will have you looking professional and stylish. 

Tips for Choosing What to Wear As a Wedding Photographer 

  1. Consult your clients before shopping or rummaging through your closet for the perfect wedding day outfit. Ask important questions about theming or colors to avoid. When in doubt, wear black. 
  2. Use the wedding theme to influence your attire. Is it a formal or a casual celebration? This will help you curate the perfect outfit. 
  3. Don’t dress like a guest. No matter the theme of the wedding, you should dress professionally on your clients’ wedding day. You’re the face of your brand
  4. Comfort is key. You’ll be running around all day on your feet so make sure comfort is a top priority when selecting every aspect of your outfit. 
  5. Be mindful when it comes to the functionality of your outfit. Pick clothing items that are practical and you can easily move around in. You never know what you’ll have to do to capture dreaming images and angles. If you’re wearing a dress, be mindful of the length.

Dresses For Wedding Photographers

Jumpsuits For Wedding Photographers

Reach for Radiance Marigold Halter Wide-Leg Jumpsuit; 2. Smocked Linen Jumpsuit; 3. Feel Your Love Black Ruffled Wide-Leg Jumpsuit; 4. Learning to Fly Burgundy Halter Jumpsuit

Button Downs For Wedding Photographers

Slim Solid Wrinkle-Resistant Performance Dress Shirt; 2. Slim Stripe Stretch Cotton Short Sleeve Shirt; 3. Slim Solid Stretch Paper Poplin Shirt; 4. Extra Slim Geo Print Stretch 1MX Dress Shirt

Dress Pants For Wedding Photographers

Athletic Slim Temp Control Hyper Stretch Chino; 2. Grayson Ankle Chino; 3. Slim Blue Checkered Hyper Stretch Drawstring Suit Pant; 4. Athletic-Fit Twill Pant

Photobug Community is here to set you up for success in every aspect of your wedding photography business—from developing the most efficient workflow to Pinterest hacks that are sure to grow your clientele. If you’re searching for ways to set yourself apart, check out these tips and tricks that will provide clients with an amazing experience—so great they will be sure to refer clients to you for years to come.

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