Top Pics of the Month for May 2022

If you’re in need of wedding and engagement photography inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This May our community experimented behind their cameras and captured unique, exciting images that deserve to be seen. Many of the photos demonstrate that a fresh perspective can bring new life to an otherwise stereotypical wedding photo. In our Top Pics of May 2022 below you’ll find a composite shot made from 4k video footage and a detail shot representing four generations of family. Hopefully you get that dose of inspiration you’re craving as we enter the year’s wedding season. Enjoy!

black and white photo couple on long suspension bridge

photo by Samsul Hidayat

Composite Photography Done Right

Mary Jane and Haikal traveled all the way from Singapore to elope in Iceland. During one period, I had Mary Jane dance around Haikal as I recorded a 4K video. There are different advantages to filming instead of taking photo bursts in these situations. One of which is that you can record anywhere from 24 to 100 jpeg pictures per second. While I edited my film, I decided to create a single composite picture. This photo would combine multiple exposures to help convey the motion and blur of the dance. 

This final photo is a composite featuring six different pictures. Sometimes composites and multiple exposures can appear too busy or look like a gimmick. But when they are created intentionally and serve a purpose in the storytelling, I believe they can be very impactful. – Kostas Petsas, Cinema of Poetry

Use a Concept and Gain Clarity 

The concept of this shoot was built around being someone’s lighthouse. Themes such as how you can be their guiding light, support them through rough seas, and how love can take you into another world.  Since San Francisco has long acted as a beacon of hope for the LGBTQ+ community it was the perfect setting for this couple and shoot.  – Kassia J Photography; shot on a Nikon D750 with a 50mm lens. 

Top Pics of the Month for May 2022

photo by Cat and Jeff of The Apartment Photo

eloping couple kayaking in smog from wildfire

photo by Jo & Glo Photo

Hot Tip for Diverse Shots

For five consecutive days we woke up at 4 AM to elope alongside Tiffany and Jorge in the Rocky Mountains. Despite the thick layers of smog from surrounding wildfires, these two embraced all the uncertainties and trusted our guidance.

A reminder for learning photographers: always stay aware of your environment! Even when you don’t think anything is happening, stay conscious of the space and elements around you. Also, make sure to move around rather than stay in one spot. From time to time, I’ll forget this and just shoot from eye level, which makes me miss more diverse shots. So try shooting from above or really low, and involve the foreground to acquire more depth in the photo. – Jo & Glo; shot on a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Sigma 85mm 1.4mm lens.

couple kissing in city street in the rain

photo by Kati Schweiger

Commemorating Family Legacy 

Anna and Peyton were married in an intimate backyard wedding at Anna’s grandmother’s house. Since she was a little girl Anna knew she would get married there. Incredibly, four generations were present for the celebration. This photo showcases the family’s legacy of strong marriages which I call “Four Generations of a Yes to Forever.” – Sarah Lawrence Photography

Video by Emin Wedding Photography

Thank you so much for viewing our Top Pics of the Month for May 2022–it was a fun one to share! If you’re interested in being included, please join us in our Photobug Community Facebook group. This group offers a space for you to share your work, participate in challenges, and explore wedding photography from around the world.

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