How To Deliver Wedding Photos to Your Clients

As a wedding photographer, you pour your heart and soul into your work. This is true when you’re behind the camera snapping photos or in front of the computer editing. And after investing countless hours communicating with clients, capturing memories, and editing, you can’t just pick any old delivery option. You need to know which method of delivery works best for you and your clients. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking for a professional photo-sharing option or an industry pro looking to switch it up, here are the top ways to deliver wedding photos to your couples. 

1. Photo Album 

In today’s world, everything is done digitally, which makes photo albums that much more special. That’s why this is such an underatted option when it comes time to deliver wedding photos. Instead of swiping through photos on your small phone screen, having a hard copy of your most precious wedding moments just hits differently. That’s why we always recommend photographers add this as an option for their clients. 

Want to make sure you’re delivering the highest quality wedding albums? Here are a few Photobug-approved album companies for wedding photographers to use.  

2. Flash Drive 

Custom thumb drives are a great option for photographers that want to give their clients the full experience. While there are some extra costs involved, we truly believe you can’t put a price on the feeling your clients will get receiving this in the mail. Choosing the USB delivery option gives your couples a tangible version of their wedding photos, and, if done right, can sometimes be more personable than a digital download link. 

When wedding photographers go above and beyond–even after the big day–your clients will notice. Your feedback and reviews will start to reflect your hard work. 

3. Online Photo Galleries 

Online photo galleries have become the most popular way to deliver photos to clients. There are a variety of websites that are designed with photographers in mind, meaning these platforms will have all the necessary tools you need. Having a hard time narrowing down your options? Here are a few of our favorite websites you can adopt into your workflow


Do you want a website that’s easy to use, doesn’t break the bank, but still values that clean minimal aesthetic you love? Then Pic-Time is calling your name. This popular platform provides the “tools for efficiency, design, and business growth.” While your main purpose can be creating and sharing client galleries, the possibilities don’t end there. Maximize your business potential by selling digital prints—a side hustle that can generate passive income.

Offering a free 30-day trial, you can test out this platform before committing. But, after hearing feedback from a variety of top-rated photographers, we guarantee you’ll fall in love with the convenience and ease that Pic-Time brings. Plus, they offer a variety of packages ranging from free to $58/month to fit any budget. 


With every couple and wedding being different, why are their galleries expected to look the same? They shouldn’t. Built for the modern photographer, Pixieset allows you to create personalized photo galleries, customized with each couple in mind. But their goal isn’t only to make a smooth process for your clients. They also help speed up photographers’ workflow, allowing you to directly upload from Lightroom.  

Pixieset also works closely with Google Photos meaning after your clients view their gallery, they can easily download photos to their Google Photos Library. This makes their sharing process a million times easier and faster, helping you provide the best client experience


If you’re looking for a platform that allows you to create and share unlimited galleries, meet ShootProof. This online platform not only makes it easy to create shareable albums but it also allows you to make more money doing what you love. If you’re not sold yet, use their free 14-day trial to test out the extra features like their business management tools (contract signing and collecting payments), Lightroom plug-in, and even the ability to sell prints. 

If you’re still a beginner and don’t yet have loads of photos to share with clients, ShootProof also has a tool to help you start building a photography portfolio—an essential tool that every photographer, regardless of experience, should have. 

We undertstand that there are countless options out there. And while we’ve given you three of our favorites, there are far more to consider. Here are some other ways to deliver wedding photos: 

If you’re a beginner, picking out a photo delivery option is only one of the many things you’ll need to sort out. There’s a lot that goes into creating a new business—overwhelming, we know. That’s why we’ve created our beginner’s guide to becoming a wedding photographer, where we dive into photography gear, websites, and even marketing strategies.

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