How to Create Saveable Instagram Content

Saveable content

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Creating saveable content is a one-way ticket to increasing Instagram engagement. When your engagement skyrockets, your content reaches more users. With more eyes on your work, you’re able to land more clients. This ultimately means the more saveable content you post, the more leads you’ll have in your inboxes. But it’s easier said than done.

According to Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm, the power no longer lies in the hands of likes alone. Saved posts now hold all the power. So whether you’re looking to boost your Instagram engagement or expand your reach, creating saveable content should be your primary focus. 

To help give the people what they want—and boost your engagement in the process—we’re equipping you with all the knowledge needed for creating successful saveable content. 

What Is Saveable Content? 

If you’re new to social media marketing you might be wondering what exactly saveable content is. The answer is pretty simple, it’s valuable content that your audience wants to see again. Saveable content provides a purpose and answers questions your followers have and would like to reference again later. 

It’s a valuable component to the growth of your photography business that’s attributed to Instagram’s algorithm. Likes, comments, and saves all influence the amount of people that see your content organically in their newsfeed and on their discover page. And now that saves have taken center stage, the success of your social media marketing depends on it. 

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How To Create Saveable Content 

When you’re brainstorming saveable content for your feed, think about what’s important to your audience and what they’ll find value in. As a wedding photographer, there are creative ways to create saveable Instagram posts from new images or repurposing old content. From tips to round-ups, the opportunities are endless. Here are a few of our favorite saveable content ideas: 

Wedding Planning Tips And Ideas 

When asking Junebug Wedding’s Instagram followers what they want more of, their answers are always “creative wedding ideas.” As much as we love seeing beautiful images of couples all over your Instagram, try switching up your feed by incorporating some detail shots. Post useful detail images that showcase unique decor elements that couples can save and draw inspiration from. 

On top of showcasing detailed wedding images that are useful for wedding planning couples, you can also share helpful tips. Tips like engagement or wedding day pose ideas, engagement photoshoot outfit ideas, and how to create a wedding timeline with your photographer. Being a wedding photographer, you have a valuable perspective that’s sure to help wedding planning couples—use that to your advantage. 

Create Roundups Using Old Content 

Start by selecting a topic or location then round up photos that correlate. For example, if you’ve shot multiple national park elopements, you could create a roundup of “The Best National Parks For Adventurous Elopements.” In your post you can showcase a photo from each national park elopement you’ve captured. This is a great way to repurpose old content and showcase different wedding ideas, styles, and couples. 

If you’re in need of photo round-up inspiration, check out our monthly Photobug Community round-ups

Create Instagram Carousels 

It’s a fact that carousel posts earn higher engagement on Instagram than standalone images. You can use a carousel post for round-ups or to showcase images from your latest wedding. Instead of picking one stunning image, try selecting five to ten photos that showcase the look and feel of the entire wedding rather than just one moment. 

Carousels give you an opportunity to showcase more of your work and your followers get more wedding inspiration. Sounds like a double win. 

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Tips To Create Better Saveable Content For Instagram 

Now that you know what saveable content is and you’re equipped with ideas, it’s time to take your content to the next level. These tips will help increase your engagement and will make your saveable content stand out from the crowd. 

Write Longer Captions 

On Instagram, your captions are as important as your image choices. This is your chance to add personality to your work and engage with potential clients. When creating saveable content you want to provide images and captions that’ll benefit your audience. This means longer captions are often necessary. 

Photobug Tip:

If your mind goes blank when it comes to writing clever captions for your Instagram posts, check out these creative Instagram caption ideas to get you started. 

Add A Call To Action (CTA) In Your Captions 

Whether you want to direct them to your website, blog, or remind them to save—having a call to action in your Instagram captions is a must. Hitting them with that extra reminder to “save this post for later” will make a big difference in your engagement numbers. 

There’s a lot of work that goes into running a successful photography business—social media marketing is an important component. Properly marketing your business is the best way to set yourself apart, help future clients understand you and your work, and build credibility in the field.

To take your marketing to the next level—on top of creating saveable content—check out our guide for creating successful wedding photography branding that’ll stand out and help you land new clients. 

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