3 Responses To Use When You’re Asked Why You Cost So Much

“Why do you cost so much money?” is a question no photographer likes to answer. Being compared to other photographers solely based on price rather than quality of work never feels good. Unfortunately, it’s somewhat unavoidable for wedding photographers. But don’t worry, you’re not the only one dealing with it. And you’re not alone.

We’re making the “can you please come down in price?” emails and DM’s less daunting to respond to. Here’s the best tips for responding to potential clients that are challenging your pricing. 

Know Your Worth And Stick To Your Price 

Determining your worth in price is a tough and stressful decision. But, it’s important to value your time, experience, and quality of work. If you’ve spent the last year investing in your business when it comes to new gear, workshops, and experience make sure your prices reflect that. Then, stick to it. 

Stay Calm And Positive 

When a potential client asks “why are you so expensive?”, it’s hard not to take that to heart. Pouring your heart and soul into your craft makes it hard not to take any criticism personally. We understand that people can get mean, but responding in a calm, level-headed, and positive manner is a must for your reputation and brand

 3 Ways To Respond 

When a potential client compares your prices to other wedding photographers, here are a few great ways to respond: 

1. The Automated Email Response

Automating your workflow is a great time saver, especially when it comes to your email. We recommend having a pre-written set of email responses that can be copy and pasted to answer your most frequently asked questions. If you find your pricing is being challenged frequently, create an email template similar to this: 

“Hi there, 

I understand there are definitely cheaper photographer options out there. My price is reflective of my photography experience and expertise. Here are some more reasons  why I’m more expensive: 

-I’ll be available to meet with you and answer any questions you might have during your wedding planning process.
-I’ve spent ___ years investing in the best gear, learning new skills, and perfecting my unique photography style that makes my work stand apart from other photographers.
-My job stretches far beyond the camera. This cost reflects my time both behind the camera and computer—importing, culling, editing, and exporting all of the images I capture on your big day. 

Hopefully this answers all of your questions. If you have any more concerns, please reach out. I’d be happy to discuss working together if my pricing fits into your budget, but I also understand that it might not.” 

2. Work Together To Create A Package In Their Budget 

Work with your potential clients to create a package that’ll fit into their budget while also still valuing your time and experience. Respond to their email by asking what their budget is, then share with them what you can offer in that price range. This is a great tool for beginners or photographers in a slow season that are able to take smaller jobs. 

3. Say No 

The reality is, you won’t be able to fit everyone’s budget or expectations. And we’re here to remind you that sometimes walking away is your best option. If that’s the case, it’s important to openly communicate the reason with your potential clients so they clearly understand why you’re not able to work with them. If you’re struggling to find the right words, send an email similar to this: 

“Hi there, 

Thank you so much for looking into my work and asking questions regarding my pricing and availability. As an experienced wedding photographer, I understand how important it is for a client’s needs to be met. At this time, I feel as though my business won’t be able to meet all of your expectations. 

Best of luck in your photographer search and I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!”

Putting a price on your wedding photography may seem tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. We’re to help you value your time, experience, and quality of work. To make sure you’re not under- or over-pricing yourself, check out the ultimate guide to pricing your wedding photography business

Image by The Quirky.

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