5 Steps To Write The Perfect Wedding Photographer Bio

Knowing how to market a wedding photography business can be tough. Of course, you’ve got plenty of incredible images to work with but connecting with more potential clients online is tough. But there’s an easy way to set yourself apart and ensure clients feel connected with you. It’s your wedding photographer bio. 

Most wedding photographers aren’t passionate writers. It can feel intimidating to sum up yourself and your business in a handful of sentences—or less. You can effectively write a wedding photographer bio that you can use everywhere with these five easy steps. Seriously. 

Step 1. Start With The Facts

Start your wedding photographer bio with the facts that you want clients to know about you. Consider sharing where you’re from, any relevant experience you bring to the table, and how long you’ve been a photographer. For this initial fact gathering, there’s no need to write everything in full sentences. That will come later. 

To help you get started, we’re going to write a wedding photographer bio for an imaginary photographer, Emilie of Porter Lyons Photography for you to follow along with.

Emilie’s Wedding Photographer Facts

Emilie grew up in England and moved to Canada with her family when she was in high school. She’s been a photographer since college but isn’t sure what other information is relevant to share. Here’s her other information she’s unsure of whether or not she wants to share:

  • She dual majored in Public Policy and French in college
  • She graduated college and decided to open Porter Lyons Photography with a friend right after
  • Emilie was born in the 90s
  • She’s booked through the year but will be opening next year’s schedule soon

Step 2. Add The Fluff

Here’s where you add the fun and descriptive stuff. Whether it’s a pet you adore or your beverage of choice—anything from lattes to whiskey cocktails—this is your chance to add some personality to your bio. Get as creative as you’d like with information you want to share. Again, there’s no need to write these in full sentences quite yet. We’re still gathering information.


Emilie’s Wedding Photographer Fluff

Emilie wants to share some fun information and some information that doesn’t necessarily have to do with photography. This is important because it helps her potential clients see her as relatable. Here’s what we know about Emilie:

  • She loves a good book on a rainy day
  • Switches back and forth from murder podcasts to makeout jams when she’s editing
  • She’s got a rescue pup she adores
  • Craft coffee is a lifestyle for her, not just her drink of choice
  • Identifies as an early-riser, not a night owl

Step 3. Add The Why

This is your chance to get romantic and sappy with your language and describe your why. Why did you pick up your camera to start documenting love stories? 

There are many types of photography. Choosing to become a wedding photographer is a very different path than becoming a landscape or even crime scene photographer. What drew you to wedding photography? That’s your why.

image by Aria Aryana

Emilie’s Wedding Photographer Why

After attending her sister’s wedding in college, she was captivated by the love that day. Everyone, from the guests to the couple seemed to create their own happiness out of thin air. That’s when Emilie decided that she wanted to chase that feeling and capture it for everyone.  

Step 4. String The Facts, Fluff, And Why Together

Now that you’ve gathered your facts, fluff, and why, it’s time to write your bio! You’ll want to start with your why, then mix and match the facts and fluff. Your first draft doesn’t need to be perfect, you can edit it after you’ve decided what you do want to share and what will help you connect with your couples the best. 

Step 5. Make Sure To List Your Pronouns In Your Bio

This one is super easy. Your pronouns should be added right after your name or included at the end of your bio. 

photo by Tulio Coutto

Emilie’s Wedding Photographer Bio Draft

Hi, I’m Emilie (she/her). After attending my sisters’ wedding I knew I wanted to chase the infectious feeling of happiness forever. When I’m not documenting precious love stories I’m up early exploring local coffee shops or editing shots for my incredible couples. This year is booked for Porter Lyons Photography, but we’re opening up next year’s books soon. Let’s chat about your story. 

That’s not a bad first draft of a wedding photographer bio. After reading it a few times, we’ve decided that we want to change up the information we’re sharing. We also want to ensure her bio makes it clear that she’s an inclusive wedding photographer

Emilie’s Final Wedding Photographer Bio

Hi, I’m Emilie (she/her). I’m a sucker for love. I knew early on that I wanted to chase that infectious feeling of happiness for every kind of couple. That’s what I’m here to do. When I’m not behind the lens I’m up early exploring local coffee shops, running around with my rescue pup, or editing images for my incredible couples. This year is booked for Porter Lyons Photography, but we’re opening up next year’s books soon. Let’s chat about your story.

The most important tip for writing an effective wedding photographer bio is to avoid copying something else you saw online from another photographer. Doing that doesn’t help you build your brand in the long run. Set yourself apart with a bio that reflects you and your business.

Your bio can be shorter or longer than the one we wrote today but once you’ve got this short bio, you’re ready to tackle the rest of your website. Get started with our website checklist to make sure you’re putting your best foot forward for clients. 

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