Top Pics of the Month for June 2022

We’re here again with our favorite wedding and couple photos from the month of June 2022. While news around the world may be currently overwhelming, we hope that this roundup can bring a little bit of peaceful beauty to your day. While browsing social media sites for these standout photos, we were reminded just how important wedding photographers are. You are the ones immortalizing life’s most memorable moments, and for that, we celebrate you.

From the first minutes getting ready in a dressing room to the last spent dancing shoulder to shoulder on the dance floor, a wedding day is a long, emotional experience. It’s filled with priceless memories, but you’re the ones making the tangible keepsakes for us to cherish. So thank you for doing what you do. We hope you enjoy these special photos from other artists around the world. And may we all continue to see the beauty that exists around us.

Top Pics of the Month for June 2022

photo by Anna Ascari

bride in long-sleeve gown veil blowing in wind

photo by Lena Larsson

black and white portrait of couple in cultural dress

photo by Hibiki Wedding

joyful bride spinning in dress and veil

photo by Tania Salim

Top pics for June 2022

photo by Andrej Horsky

creative group wedding day photo

photo by Loke Roos

Scottish wedding couple in front of church

photo by Martin Venherm

wedding image Top Pics for June 2022

photo by Natanael Benino

Photobug Community is made up of artists that are both seasoned and brand new to the industry. Make sure to check out our Facebook group, which is a safe space to share your photos with fellow photographers. And it’s where we find the majority of our top pics each month. Every photo that makes it to the roundup is special, no doubt. But a top pic from someone who new or sharing for the very first time is even more so.

So we’d like to encourage anyone who hasn’t quite gathered up the courage to post yet to please do so. We’re eager to see what you’ve created, no matter where you land on the scale of experience. And with that, we’ll see you next month!

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