The Best Online Courses for Wedding Photographers in 2023

online wedding photography courses

photo by The Hendrys. Keep scrolling to see our favorite wedding photography courses

Sometimes the best answer to slow progress or stagnation in your business is to learn something new. And with new technologies constantly being released and ever-changing social media practices hitting the scene, it can be hard to feel on top of your game. Photography workshops are great for learning and growing, but they aren’t always a fit for tight budgets and busy schedules. Instead of packing your bags for a retreat, it may be easier to turn to online wedding photography courses for a chance to learn new skills, ideas, and methods.

Some of our favorite photographers and industry leaders are turning their successes into teachable wedding photography courses. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to choose from. While there are a lot of classes to sift through, we’ve narrowed it down to our 15 favorites. We believe each one can help take your business to the next level–all from the comfort of your couch.

Educational Wedding Photography Courses

Business Courses

1. The Pricing Workshop

Teacher: India Earl
Price: $497

Pricing yourself incorrectly can have several repercussions. Are you experiencing no bookings after raising your prices? Are you exhausted and still don’t make enough to live comfortably? India created her Pricing Workshop to save you the years of mistakes that she made in the beginning. It includes 13+ hours of video training, a step-by-step workbook, and private Facebook group access.

2. Style & Brand

Teacher: Ben Sasso
Price: $100

We’ll leave it to a course attendee to give you the low down on Ben Sasso’s Style & Brand course. Ryan shares, “[This course was the] Best decision ever. This was a turning point for me. I’ve had more bookings and more couples that fit my style now than I have in the past four years of shooting. I like that Ben gives very tangible things to focus on, and I can tell you from experience, they make a huge difference.”

3. More than a Vendor

Teacher: Emily Magers
Price: $497

Emily made a comprehensive guide to help you transform your client experience. In this 7-module course–which includes 17 video trainings, homework, and workflow templates–, you will learn how to be more personal, efficient, and intentional with your wedding clients–transforming them into clients for life.

4. Small Business Creative’s Guide To Finance

Teacher: Peyton Byford
Price: $175

We could all use a financial guide in life. But this course from Peyton Byford breaks down all the important finance questions and struggles specific to small business owners. Her Guide to Finance covers taxes, saving for retirement, expense tracking, invoicing, and more.

5. Effortless Ethical Selling

Teacher: Ellie McMakin
Price: $297

Ellie’s personal sales method helps her close 90% of her inquiries. That’s right–a whopping 90%. And instead of gatekeeping her secrets, she has built a course that shares all the details so her students can achieve the same results.

Marketing & SEO Courses

6. Pinterest for Wedding Photographers

Teacher: Photobug Community
Price: $199

Yes, this one’s from us! We’ve put Photobug and Junebug’s tried and true Pinterest strategies into one accessible course. Learn how we increased our Pinterest traffic to 10 million monthly account views and grew our website traffic from Pinterest by over 1,000%. With help from this course, you can turn your Pinterest account into a traffic and lead gold mine.

7. SEO For Wedding Photographers

Teacher: Photobug Community
Price: $199

Here’s a review from student Kristen that says it all: “I hate fluffy courses. Just get straight to the point and give me practical steps. Photobug totally knocked it out of the park with this course, especially with something that is as massive as SEO. I walked away from the course learning how to actually find keywords on Google, how to reach the audience that I’m actually wanting to reach, and how to have a readable blog post and what each section of the blog post means for Google.”

8. Social Media | FB + Instagram

Teacher: Ben Sasso
Price: $100

As much as we may hate to admit it, social media is still the king of wedding photography marketing. In this course, Ben covers all the practices he personally used to reach 100k followers on Instagram. It also touches on how to build engagement and , lifelong fans, and what to do on Instagram vs. Facebook.

online wedding photography education courses

photo by Jamlan Jamal

Creative Courses

9. The Posing Workshop

Teacher: India Earl
Price: $450

One of the taglines for this course is, “Less posing, more connecting.” And India is here to let you know that there isn’t some magic list of prompts out there either. In this course, you’ll get 6+ hours of video that will teach you how to cultivate the perfect connection with your clients, which makes for more meaningful, emotional imagery.

10. The Styled Shoot Guide

Teacher: Beba Vowels
Price: $67

This is a 32-page digital guide covering everything you need to know about running your own styled shoot. From communicating with vendors to making timelines, you’ll have all the tools to create your own stylized content for diversifying your portfolio.

11. Storytelling B Roll Photo Guide

Teacher: Dawn Jarvis
Price: $55

“I learned so much valuable information from the B Roll Guide, and it has helped me to step out of my comfort zone as a creative. Most importantly, I learned how it is possible to set the scene and tell a story in any photography scenario, including–and especially–personal branding. Dawn helped reshape my entire thought process around photography, in the best way.” – Sam, a former student.

Technical Courses

12. The Edit

Teacher: Greg Petersen
Price: $599

This course may be as in-depth as it gets for learning how to edit like a pro. The Edit course–built by the creator of G-Presets–contains eight modules full of Lightroom tools, hacks, shortcuts, and tips. Some of the topics covered include correcting contrast and color, AI masking, skin retouching, and so much more.

13. Flash Magic Course

Teacher: Maciej Suwalowski
Price: $109

Are you utilizing your flash to its fullest? In this online video course, Maciej–known as ‘Magic’–uses over 120 minutes of video lessons to explain basic flash functions, plus the three techniques he uses the most during weddings. Get ready to learn more than you ever thought possible about your flash. (For both beginner and experienced shooters.)

14. Make The Perfect Animation GIF Guide

Teacher: Henry Tieu
Price: $249

There’s a big difference between making a simple GIF and making a GIF that evokes emotion. This course will show you just what it takes. Included are a 38-min video tutorial, practice materials, and access to a private Facebook group. You’ll be making epic, sharable GIFs in no time.

15. The Complete Guide to Camera Settings

Teacher: Dawn Charles
Price: $65

Created for all experience levels, this course is full of valuable information regarding your camera’s basic components. Dawn discusses aperture, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and flash in this 25-minute video course. After completing, you’ll be one step closer to being a master at shooting in manual.

Did we leave out any of your favorite wedding photography courses? Let us know which ones below. And don’t forget Photobug Community is chock full of free resources for wedding photographers–like this Beginner’s Guide to Film Photography

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