The Best Photo Editing Companies for Wedding Photographers

Have you thought about outsourcing your editing or switching to a different photo editing company? Well, this post is for you! Outsourcing has so many benefits to your business, the biggest one saving time. Turning all of those hours you spend editing into free-time can be a total game-changer. You will have extra time to spend with your family, friends, or even blogging all of those weddings and sessions! Outsourcing not only benefits you but your clients. The turnaround time averages one week, which means you can get those images back to clients way more quickly than before. If all of this sounds like a dream come true, then keep on reading! We compiled a list of photo editing companies and broke down their services, prices, and all the nitty-gritty details you need.

photo by Katie HarmsworthEric Ronald

Edited by Artists

Services Provided: Photo editing and culling

Pricing: Editing – $.38 per image

Culling – $.05 per image submitted

Turnaround Time: Starting at 3 business days

Used by: Maddie MaeDavid Cho

Reviews: “Sidney is by far the best editor I’ve ever had. I’ve tried outsourcing to 4 or 5 of the “best” top editing services and none of them have had the quality & consistency that Sidney provides. She’s incredibly responsive and easy to work with. She has an incredible eye for color and getting the contrast & white-balance just right. Her having been a photographer before is an incredible asset, as she knows how to bring an image from it’s raw-state to the beautiful way I envisioned it to look. I’ve gotten images back from her and thought “WOW! That’s better than I could have even edited it.” She’s hands-down the best investment I’ve made in my business this year.” -Maddie

“I was so excited to hear that Sidney started Edited By Artists! As a wedding photographer herself, I trusted that she (and her team!) would have a streamlined process, attention for detail and color, and excellent communication. She was very communicative from the start and worked with me to get on the right page in matching my editing style and unique preferences. Her turnaround time is so fast and I’ve been absolutely happy with all the work I’ve sent her. I would highly recommend EBA to all my industry friends!” -Bestsi E.

Raw Digital Lab

Services Provided: Photo editing and culling

Pricing: Pricing brackets are based on the number of photos being sent in to be edited – begins at $250 AUD for up to 200 edited photos.

Culling begins at $50 AUD

Turnaround Time: 10 business days

Used by: Lauren Scotti, Tinted Photography, Geoff Duncan

Reviews: “I shop at stores where they remember my name and ask me how my wife is doing. I also work with editors that know me, my style, my likes, my dislikes and my annoying quirks. I love working with RAW Digital Lab as I know that every single week they deliver finished images ready for me to deliver to my clients that reflect me, my brand and my personal taste. They’re the only people I’ve ever trusted with my images. It’s almost like having an in-house editor that does everything just the way you like it. Thank you RAW Digital Lab!” – James D.

“RAW Digital Lab guarantee me a consistent look that my couples and I love. But what’s really important is that they save me hours in front of my computer and give me back some quality time I can spend together with my friends and my family.” – Pascal L.

photo by Lalor Photographie

The Image Salon

Services Provided: Photo editing and culling

Pricing: 4 tiers of editing packages beginning at $.25 per image

Culling – $0.05 per image submitted

Turnaround Time: 3-10 business days

Used by: A Fist Full of Bolts, Two Mann Studios, Jonas Seaman Photography

Reviews: “While these guys are editing my images I’m able to actually spend time with my family, plus my delivery time for wedding clients has gone from 14+ weeks to 3-4! Absolute game changer for my business and my family life.” – Beth G.

“The Image Salon is an essential part of my workflow, and their customer service is fabulous!!!! I love the personal touch of being able to work with my own editor, and the fun personality of the whole team comes through in the process. I highly recommend this service to any photographer looking to take some work off of their plate, but still wanting high-quality images for their clients.” – Haley S.

Photographer’s Edit

Services Provided: Photo editing, culling, and retouching

Pricing: Begins at $.13 per image

Turnaround Time: Starting at 3 business days


Services Provided: Photo editing, culling, and marketing

Pricing: Annual photo editing subscriptions begin at $119/month

Culling – $.08 per image submitted

Turnaround Time: Starting at 48 hours

Used by: Vanessa Joy Photography, The Scobeys, Chard Photo

Reviews: “Working with ShootDotEdit is like having a staff at the tip of your fingers.” – Jen R.

“The feeling of relief the minute I press upload… I feel like I clocked out!” – Kellie C.

photo by Phan Tien Photography

Edit Source

Services Provided: Photo editing and culling

Pricing: Price is dependent on the software used to edit the image(s)

Lightroom – $0.29 to $0.39 per image

Photoshop – $1.00 to $3.00 per image

Culling – $0.04 to $0.08 per image

Turnaround Time: 3-5 business days

Reviews: “The images are precious to me and my clients, and knowing who is taking care of me personally outs my mind at ease. It feels as if my work is in the hands of a friend who is easily accessible and who knows my style for every shoot.” – Karlee K.

“Having a private editor on my team has opened up SO many doors! I’m able to focus my efforts on areas that result in real, trackable growth, and have made a measurable difference in my income and job satisfaction.” – Abby Grace

We Edit Photos

Services Provided: Photo editing and culling

Pricing: Individual photo editing begins at $.20 per image

Culling – $.05 per image submitted

Editing packages begin at $99

Turnaround Time:  2 business days

Reviews: “I highly recommend We Edit Photos for your photo editing needs. I had more than 500 wedding images for culling and used a package “Wedding Light”. In addition I contacted the photo editor in the beginning of the week and had the edited photos sent to me by the weekend. Friendly, fast and tremendous service with professional photo editing at the price every photographer can afford!” – Adaline W.

“Amazing work! I gave We Edit Photos service 10 photos from my recent portrait shooting. I needed to remove strangers from the background and enhance the skin and teeth. The model had some skin problems. I chose their photo editing services at Pro Level for $5 per a photo. The photo editor I worked with cleaned up imperfections, added Dodge & Burn effect, and followed all my instructions. It is FABULOUS! Photo enhancement was completed extremely fast and very affordable for that level of professional photo editing.” – Dayna B.

photo by Eden Strader Photography


Services Provided: Photo editing, culling, and album design

Pricing: Photo editing begins at $.26 per image

Culling begins at $.07 per image submitted

Album design begins at $3 per side

Turnaround Time: 4-5 business days

Reviews: “Lavalu Rocks! I have tried three other companies similar to Lavalu but they just didn’t pan out. The fact that somebody answers the phone EVERY time is huge. They are super helpful and very nice to work with. Edits are done in a timely fashion and it cuts my workload significantly so I can do what I love more and that’s shoot! My work and life balance have improved using Lavalu which makes me a happier photographer with a happier family.” – Cindy S.

“What a life saver?! I had some family emergencies, compounded with a medical issue, and this team saved me. They were patient, quick with responses, and made sure I understood all of the steps along the way. Thank you Lavalu!” -Jenni S.


Services Provided: Photo editing, album design, and social media management

Pricing: Photo editing begins at $.30 per image, free for members

Annual membership is $199 per month

Album design begins at $6 a spread, free for members

Social media management is exclusive for members at $149 per month

Turnaround Time: 3-5 business days

Reviews: “I have been with Evolve since December 2015 and I could not run my photography studio without them. They have been amazing with the quality of editing and their customer service is very efficient. Their prices are very affordable and the monthly premier subscription is well worth the price. I will continue to outsource my images to Evolve for as long as my studio is in business. Thanks Evolve! You have been a great partner.” – Timothy F.

“The studio has seen nothing but incredible growth since outsourcing all the editing and album design. Nothing makes me more proud than knowing I have professionals behind the studio creating artwork our clients rave about.” – Warren M.

photo by Little Boat Photography


Services Provided: Photo editing, culling, album design, and print

Pricing: Photo editing begins at $.21 per image

Culling – $.08 per image submitted

Album design begins at $1 per spread

Turnaround Time: 3-5 business days

Reviews: “Finally! I have found the best photo editing company out there. I tried so many other companies and none of them listened or got my style correct. The first time I worked with Fotofafa I knew it was meant to be. They not only listened to me from the get-go, but they are such amazing editors and retouchers. Now I have all of that time I used to spend on editing back to meet with vendors, make money, and make memories with my son. Fotofafa changed my life.” – Christine Y.

“Using Fotofafa has been a key part of streamlining my workflow. I was surprised and how easy it was, and the results were fast and the images look amazing! I’d recommend it to anyone who is in the wedding genre, and has struggled with hours and hours of editing, and not getting the results you had hoped. I’m hooked!” – Tauren W.

photo by Alan Vieira

We hope this helps you find the right outsourcing photo company for you! With all the free time you’ll gain, now you can create a tagline that truly represents your wedding photography business.



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