Wedding Photography Client Meeting Prep in 5 Steps

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Your Instagram grabbed their attention. Your website sold them on reaching out. Now, it’s your chance to turn those potential clients into loyal customers at your first client meeting. This make-or-break meeting is more important than you might think and we want to make sure you nail it. Here’s how to prepare for your wedding photography meeting in just five steps. 

1. Have Your Clients Fill Out A Questionnaire 

Good communication with your clients is crucial before, during, and after their big day. That’s why preparing for the first client meeting is so important. Your first step should be having your clients fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. This is the best way to get to know your clients, their wants, and their expectations. Your client questionnaire will be the key to properly preparing for your upcoming face-to-face meeting with a clear idea of their expectations of prices, packages, and will help you prep any other questions you might have for them. Remember, this meeting is as much an interview for them as clients as it is for you as their photographer! 

Photobug Tip: 

Automating your workflow limits your stress and will free up time in your busy schedule. That’s why we think email templates are a photographer’s greatest time-saving tool. So carve out time in your schedule to create a generic client questionnaire template couples can fill out via email before your first meeting. 

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2. Send Clients Any Helpful Documents 

Now it’s time to prep your clients for the meeting. Make sure you’ve sent an email packed with your pricing, packages, portfolio, and a “meet me” message that’ll allow them to get familiar with you and your offerings. That will give them time to talk privately as a couple about their budget, their desired package, and formulate any further questions they might have for you.  

3. Write Out Your Questions Prior To Your Client Meeting 

After receiving the couples questionnaire it’s time to brainstorm any questions that you might have for the couple. Did their responses to your questionnaire give you an idea of how they’d like to capture the day? Come up with a few questions about their story, their plans for the future, and any other follow up questions you’ve got for them.. Having your questions written down will ensure you don’t miss a thing during the time you’ve got with your couple. 

4. Be Prepared To Discuss Your Contract And Policies

There are so many fun details to cover in your first client meeting, but don’t forget about the not-so-fun topics. Being open and honest from the beginning about the details of your contract, your cancellation policy, and refund policy will protect you in the long run. 

Bring an example contract for couples to look over, too. This will save time going back and forth by email answering questions they might have. Plus, this will give both parties a clear understanding of what to expect if they are unhappy later down the road. 

5. Create A Portfolio Showing Off Your Work 

If you’ve followed the instructions from our website checklist for wedding photographers, then your website already has your portfolio available for couples to look through. But you should also create a smaller, more-diverse round-up of images that you can showcase during your client meetings. Choose images that show off your photography skills and will give you a better understanding of what the couple likes and dislikes. 

Preparing for your client meeting is just the first step of rave-worthy client communication. To make sure you continue to deliver incredible communication before, during, and after their wedding, check out these top ways to win at communication with your clients.

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