5 Photography Blog Tips For Every Wedding Photographer

Whether you’re setting up a brand new wedding photography website or you’re expanding your established one, make sure that you include a blog. Having a blog will give you the opportunity to share your work and establish your branding even further. Once you’ve got your blog up and running, these five photography blog tips will help you feel confident about how you’re crafting your updates.

1. Utilize Your Images

Okay, this seems obvious. But you shouldn’t be posting more than about 40 images on each blog post. So yes you should utilize your images but choose which ones you’re publishing on your photography blog carefully. Consider which images showcase your photography style the best and which you’re most proud of. Lean on those shots and be sure to include images that couples will want to have recreated on their own special days. 

Photobug Tip:

Make sure you’re including diverse couples in your photography blog images. If couples can’t see themselves reflected in your work, it’ll be harder for them to feel confident about booking you. Not sure how to get started on diversifying your clientele? We’re here to help.

2. Write At Least 300 Words

Now that you’re confident about which images you’ve chosen to include, it’s time to write about your work. You’ll need to write at least 300 words in order for Google to adequately rank your blog post in their search results. The more you write, the better but as long as you have at least 300 words in your post, you’re doing great. 

If you’re unsure of what to write about, use your best content resource—your couples.

3. Highlight Feedback From Your Couples

Ask your couples for feedback about what it was like working with you and include their thoughts in your coverage of their images on your blog post. Avoid just copying and pasting their responses and make sure the feedback they’re sharing will make sense to your audience.

For example, let’s say your couple shares that you suggested their engagement photo location and it made the experience of working with you better. When you’re sharing images from that shoot, you can share their feedback and write about how you love getting to know your couples and because you do that you can suggest locations that match their personalities.

image by The McMasters

4. Use Headings

Using headings throughout your posts will help break up the text and the long scroll of images. While using headings above a series of images is great, headings are much more important for sections of text. Your headings will summarize what your audience is about to read—just like we’re doing on this blog post.

Using headings will help guide your readers down the page to your work and keep them from feeling confused about what they’re reading.

5. Post Regularly

It doesn’t matter if you post once a month or twice a week, keeping a regular blog post schedule will show Google that you’re consistent and active on your website. That will help you earn front page search results which will lead to more eyes on your work.

With these five tips, you’re in great shape to boost your inquiries from your wedding photography blog! After you’ve received an inquiry, it’s time to turn them into a client. And you’re in luck—we’ve got the steps for turning your inquiries into bookings here.

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