5 Email Tips for Getting Booked Instead of Ghosted

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You’ve revamped your brand and marketing strategy. Now you’re finding your email is being flooded with new inquiries—such an exciting feeling. You take time out of your busy workflow to respond to all those potential clients, sending your first introductory email with your pricing guide. Then, crickets. 

When we ask photographers “What’s one thing that frustrates you?,” being ghosted is always on the list. But, with a few tweaks to your email approach, we’re confident you’ll see more responses and less ghosting. Here are a few email tips that’ll make getting ghosted by potential clients a thing of the past. 

1. Catch Their Attention With Your Subject Lines 

If you’re anything like us, sorting through your personal emails can be hectic, to say the least. And this is probably true for your potential clients as well. Before you worry about the contents of your email, you need to create subject lines that’ll get them opened up—our first of many email tips. 

When you’re scrolling through dozens of emails, your eyes are going to naturally gravitate towards those with catchy subject lines. Add juicy keywords, numbers, or even emojis to grab attention.    

2. Be Personable From The Start 

There’s no bigger turnoff than receiving an automated email that lacks personality. Receiving a robot-sounding response from a company feels disingenuine, making it easy to hit that “trash” button. This is what you want to avoid, bringing us to the next one of our email tips. 

Though we are big fans of email templates, it’s important to make sure they still seem genuine and personable. Your goal is to build a strong client relationship from the start. And with email typically being the first form of communication, you’ll want to create templates that match your brand and personality, but also make your clients feel comfortable. 

Before sending an email, read your response out loud and listen to what you’re saying. If it sounds weird and uncomfortable to you, chances are it’s going to come across that way to potential clients. The more your emails match your voice, personality, and brand, the more people have a chance to get a feel of your vibe and resonate with you.

3. Reply Within 24 Hours 

The phrase “the early bird gets the worm” rings true when it comes down to booking clients. When you receive an inquiry, chances are that couple has reached out to other wedding photographers they’re interested in hiring. So instead of letting the initial email sit in your inbox for days on end, respond ASAP. 

Emails are the first glance into how you run your business, so put your best foot forward. And if you’re not in a position to prioritize your emails, don’t feel ashamed. This just means your business is growing! Consider hiring an assistant or even a freelancer from one of these Photobug-approved websites

4. End Your Emails With A Call To Action 

To keep emails from going unanswered, end them with a call to action—a question or request that prompts your couples to do something. Incorporating a call to action is a simple, yet effective way to improve email communication and prevent a long, drawn-out booking process. 

It’s important to keep in mind that your clients are just starting to navigate the wedding planning process. For some, it’ll be their first time, which means they’re looking to you (the expert) for what to do next. With that being said, your call to action for each email should be specific and easy to follow. This will help naturally progress your relationship with them and, hopefully, evolve into a face-to-face meeting and signing a contract.

Here are a handful of examples you can use as your call to action:

  • I am available on X, Y, and Z – which of these dates work best for you?
  • Do you prefer to be contacted via email, phone, or video meeting?
  • What is your favorite coffee shop? I’d love to chat over a latte.
  • Where is your favorite place for happy hour? Cocktails are calling our name and we can discuss your wedding day and what you’re needing.
  • How can I help you on your wedding day?

5. Send A Follow-Up Email 

If you don’t hear back from potential clients after sending your introductory email, don’t be afraid to follow up. In fact, sending follow-up emails is something every photographer should be doing. There’s no shame in checking up on your couples to see if they’re still interested or have decided to move on. After all, communication goes both ways. 

Beyond your email strategy, there are a variety of ways to avoid those frustrating dead ends. From tracking leads to being consistent on social media, here’s everything you need to incorporate into your workflow so you can turn those inquiries into bookings

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