Your Winter Wedding Photographer Outfit Guide

winter wedding outfit guide

image by Taylor Lenci

Winter weddings are so romantic—the crisp air, white snow, and snuggly blankets add romantic vibes that summer weddings can’t. If you’re booked to shoot winter weddings this year, we commend you and can’t wait to see the results. If you have no idea what to wear, we have got you covered. 

To make sure that you look professional but also stay warm, we’ve put together a list of everything you’ll need for winter weddings. Don’t worry, these outfits can be layered so if you move to a warmer reception area, you can adjust your look. Scroll down to shop and put together your perfect winter wedding photographer outfit. 

It’s Definitely Sweater Weather

Warm, fuzzy sweaters are perfect for winter weddings because they can be worn by themselves or as an extra layer. If you’re going from freezing temperatures outside to a heated indoor reception, a sweater will definitely be your layering must-have. Whether you choose a crew neck, a turtle neck, or a v-neck, you’ll surely look put together.

Shop sweaters:

Stay Warm and Stylish in Winter Pants

Staying professional doesn’t mean you have to freeze or feel like a statue in tight pants. For your winter wedding outfit, you’ll need a pair of pants that will keep you warm and allow you to bend and move around. Here are a few of our favorite pants that are perfectly warm for winter and still easy to move in. 

Shop pants: 

Photobug Tip: 

If you are working a wedding where you’ll need multiple layers to stay warm, you may also want to invest in thermal undergarments or long johns. While they’re not the most exciting thing to shop for, they are crucial for staying warm in cold temperatures. 

couple posing in the snow

image by Kevin Klein

Winter Wedding Photographer Outfit Essential: Boots

Adventurous couples are so fun to photograph, especially ones that want to get married in the Alps. Adventurous elopements might mean trekking up a mountain in very cold temperatures. And even if you’re not hiking a trail in a foot of snow, you’ll still want to keep your toes nice and warm. We rounded up stylish and snow-friendly boots so you can pick what works best for the wedding location. 

Shop Snow Boots: 

Throw On A Nice, Big Jacket

Having a nice winter coat is an absolute must. Thankfully, there are so many different styles you can wear that will give you the mobility you need to capture the wedding. From puffer coats to shearling-lined zip-ups, these are sure to keep you warm and stylish. 

Shop jackets:

Photobug Tip:

If the winter wedding is strictly indoors and you don’t need excessive layers, check out these wedding photographer jumpsuits. They’ll give you that professional look while staying comfortable and you can easily layer them with a sweater to stay warm

Now For The Accessories

For your head, neck, and hands, these winter accessories are perfect for taking photos outside without risking frostbite. Don’t worry, we took into consideration that you’ll be moving around and using a touch screen. 

If the winter wedding your shooting is strictly indoors, you can scroll on past these—unless you want them for personal use. 

Shop winter accessories:

If you’re new to the Photobug Community, we’re here to provide helpful tips for your wedding photography business. Whether it’s helping you pick out what to wear, or how to choose health insurance we’re here to put your mind at ease. Check out all of our business tips to help you grow as a photographer and a successful business owner.

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