How To Increase Visibility on Instagram as a Videographer

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There’s a lot of information on how to nail the Instagram game for wedding photographers. But where’s the love for videographers? If you’re looking to stand out, make your online presence one to remember, and increase visibility on Instagram, these tips are crucial to implement in your behind-the-scenes workflow

From post ideas to expanding your audience, here’s the ultimate guide to increasing your visibility on Instagram as a videographer. 

Introduce Yourself Often

It’s important to remember that introducing yourself on your social media platforms is just as important as sharing your work. When potential clients stumble upon your Instagram, they want to see who’s behind the camera. Try sharing more personal information, stories, and photos that represent you. Doing this allows your followers to connect with you personally—turning followers into loyal clients. 

Create Reels, Reels, And More Reels 

Instagram’s algorithm is constantly changing, but it’s currently favoring video content. This is a win for wedding videographers specifically. Those special wedding moments you capture are not only keepsakes for your clients but can also be used as an epic marketing tool to expand your reach. 

Have you captured a wedding with jaw-dropping decor? Caught a teary moment between your couple? Maybe you have a noteworthy speech saved on your hard drive? Whether you’re sharing inspiration, tear-jerking moments, or laugh-worthy videos, sharing these videos on your Instagram will set you apart and broaden your audience. 

Photobug tip: 

Cross-promote your video content on multiple social media platforms. If you’ve created an epic TikTok, re-share it as an Instagram reel. 

Expand Your Niche Audience To Increase Visibility On Instagram

Your business Instagram was probably created with potential clients in mind. For most, it serves as an online portfolio to get more eyes on their work and more wedding planning couples flooding their DMs. But what we know about Instagram is that the more likes, comments, and saves your video receives, the broader the reach. So why would you limit yourself to one audience? 

Potential clients can still be your primary target audience, but expanding your reach will result in more eyes on your work. This brings us to our next tip–consider sharing tips for both clients and beginner videographers. 

Share Tips For Potential Clients And New Videographers

As a wedding videographer, you have a unique perspective that both wedding planning couples and beginner videographers can benefit from. Use this as your chance to get creative, broaden your audience, and create saveable content that your followers will want to revisit. When your content serves a purpose, more people will be willing to hit that “follow” button. 

Here are a few tip ideas to get your round-up brainstorming started:

  • How to find a videographer in your area 
  • What questions to ask your videographer before hiring 
  • How to feel comfortable in front of the camera 
  • Gear round-up for beginner videographers 
  • How to get more videographer experience 

Behind The Scenes 

Videographers, it’s important to remember that not all video footage needs to be high camera quality. With phones available at our fingertips, iPhone footage has become the new norm. Use this to your advantage by capturing behind-the-scenes (BTS) footage. These types of videos give your followers a behind-the-camera perspective they don’t usually get the chance to see. It also gives potential clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you.

Use Your Analytics To Increase Visibility On Instagram

When it comes to your Instagram analytics, the numbers don’t lie. That’s why it’s important to keep an eye on the “view insights” tab. These numbers will help uncover the types of content your audience wants to see. 

You’re officially ready to nail the Instagram game, but why stop there? Give your whole marketing strategy an upgrade. To get more bookings and increase your online visibility this year, check out these tried-and-true marketing tips for wedding videographers.

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