The Best Wedding Photography Presets for 2020

Looking for new wedding photography presets to spice up your work? If so, we’ve got a fresh batch of recommendations for 2020! We asked the Photobug Community to share their favorite presets of all time, and from earthy browns to romantic pinks, they nominated an eclectic range of stylistic sets.

Ready to get that perfect edit that’s downright enviable? Read on to get all the information you need: user reviews, price range, style specifics, and more.

photo by Ami Robertson

Adventure Instead

Created by: Maddie Mae
Price: $40-$50 per preset pack, or get the bundle for $200
Style: modern warm and earthy tones, with true-to-life skin tones, realistic landscape colors (true blues and greens)
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 8-10 presets (basic packs)
  • Over 60 presets (bundle)
  • Adventure Instead Editing course (bundle)
  • instructional video

*These enhanced presets will be released in August 2020 at Adventure Instead.

What you’ll love about it:

“I purchased these presets when I started photographing people because I liked the tones and I wanted to be able to have consistent images. More than just the presents, Maddie Mae also has videos to accompany the presets explaining the settings and how and when to use them. They are very useful and make processing easier!”

—Stacy Garfield (Outshined Photography)

“This is the perfect preset pack for literally any kind of lighting environment indoor or outdoor. It is true to life with a splash of style sauce on top. The whole set is so well organized. There are adjustments built right into the pack, making editing from one extreme like alpine sun mountain mornings to indoor cabin edits seamless!”

—Cassandra Oldenburg (Narrow Leaf Photography)

“I designed these presets because I felt like photographers struggle with tweaking generic presets to work in all lighting situations… so while the base of the suite of presets are all about consistent earthy warm tones, true to life skin tones and landscape colors—the main unique benefit of these presets is the fact that they are specifically designed for a variety of normal and very difficult lighting scenarios.

—Maddie Mae (Adventure Instead)

Soulmate Presets

Created by: Sven Malojlo
Price: 59 
Style: natural warm tones
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 30 color presets
  • 2 black and white presets
  • toolkit
  • tonal kit

What you’ll love about it:

“Timeless, warm, and authentic tones.”

Allie Dearie Photography


Created by: Greg Petersen
Price: $39-$149, or bundle every desktop preset for $349
Style: multiple preset styles
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: varies by preset pack

What you’ll love about it:

“These presets have completely changed the way I edit. As soon as I purchased & tried them out, it was as if they were exactly what my photos were missing all along! I am so picky when it comes to presets because there are so many out there, but these are the only ones I use, love, and will recommend. They stand out because they’re so easy to tweak/make your own. They are the perfect base needed in order to build your own style/edit. Also, Greg, the creator, is such a kind human/incredible photographer. He is always so willing and able to help with presets when needed!”

Alyssa Marie Evans Photo

“Perfect to enhance the natural colors without modifying them completely. And also, to add the perfect amount of warmth tones.”

Beatrice de Guigne (The Quirky Photos & Videos)

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

The Kilimanjaro

Created by: Melli & Shayne
Price: 59
Style: warm tones, creamy skin tones
Compatibility: Lightroom
What’s included:

  • base preset
  • toolkit
  • evening/night preset (bonus)

What you’ll love about it:

“It has changed the way I work. My images felt flat and lacked life and dimension and this preset helped everything!”

—Yarelis Caraballo


Created by: Will Khoury
Price: $50-$135, or purchase two bundles ranging $130-$240
Style: rich colors, warm tones, soft highlights, cool hues
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: varies by preset pack

What you’ll love about it:

“These are some of the best presets I’ve ever purchased. I love the crisp colors and tones in them. By far my favorite and go-to presets. I use them on everything!”

—Cassandra Weber

“The presets make the picture come to life; turning dull photos into photos that make you feel like you’re there.”

—Brianna Bossard

“These presets are my actual presets that I edit with because I truly want other photographers to have something that they can use to benefit their business. My whole idea with these is to genuinely help other photographers and not just sell them for the money. Also, part of the proceeds gets donated to support artists on the Autism Spectrum.”

Will Khoury

HD presets

Created by: Henry Tieu
Price: $119-$135, or get the bundle for $240
Style: muted highlights, earthy brown tones, warmth, calmness
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: varies by preset pack

What you’ll love about it:

“The best all-around, earthy-toned preset!”

Jerome Park Photography

“These presets give so much mood and depth to portraits. The skin tones are incredible and perfect for my workflow, to tweak how I like. My favorite presets I’ve ever purchased!”

—Dani Burnett (Immortal Beloved Photo)

“It’s simple and clean and allows the photo to speak for itself.”

K. Botz Photography

photo by Kortni Maria

Chasewild Presets

Created by: Cameron Thorp and James Broadbent
Price: $79
Style: classic, clean
Compatibility: Lightroom
What’s included: varies by preset pack, but each one comes with an installation and user guide.

What you’ll love about it:

“I love the black and white preset from Chasewild’s first preset pack. The whites are so even and perfect for almost any situation, and the blacks are nice and rich, working with the shadows of images very nicely.”

Jake Pears-Scow

“I use this for my editing. Super nice skin tones that are different from others.”

—Ciara Mulligan (The Isles Photography)

“Our presets are great! We want to get them in more hands.”

—Cameron Thorp (Chasewild)


Created by: Gabe McClintock
Price: $95 (LR), $75 (CO)
Style: warm and true skin tones, genuine light, shadow magic
Compatibility: Lightroom, Capture One
What’s included:

  • 6 presets
  • 11 modifier tools (bonus)

What you’ll love about it:

“It’s very versatile, clean but with good tones and modifiers to change shadow hues and an adjustable profile.”

Moriah Jae Photo

Cascade 02 Presets

Created by: Benj Haisch
Price: $99
Style: genuine light for every scenario
Compatibility: Lightroom
What’s included:

  • 26 color presets
  • 6 black and white presets
  • toolkit

What you’ll love about it:

“It punches up your photos, leaving them true to life. Gives your work more of a cinematic feel while not looking fake.”

Aliscia Marie Photography

photo by Light Pictures

Nicole Ashley Presets

Created by: Nicole Ashley
Price: $99
Style: rich pinks, cool blue tones, romantic edge
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 5 color presets
  • 3 black and white presets
  • 2 Lightroom adjustment presets

What you’ll love about it:

“These presets are perfect for my editing. It allows me to be creative and reminds me of exactly what the eye sees in some presets, and a more creative touch if colors in others. Especially Opal 2, the colors are true to the eyes. The black and whites are very sharp. They have a certain feeling to them that makes them my favorite creative black and whites.”

Tyler Meers Photography

Embrace Presets

Created by: Jasmin Jade
Price: $10-$147
Style: genuine skin tones, scene consistency, film-inspired
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: varies by preset pack

What you’ll love about it:

“I have been shooting professionally since 2017, and have bought many different sets just to not like them after one or two uses. Most presets are ones that I end up totally redoing because they never fit what I’m looking for with tones and consistency through different scenes. I’ve been using Embrace presets for over a year now, with no looking back. I shoot portraits, weddings, animals, and branding sessions. I try my best to get each shot right in camera beforehand, so I don’t have to spend much time editing later. Each time I go to edit shots from any session, I tend to end up using one of three go-to presets from Embrace. They help me to stay true to color, consistent across multiple scenes, and a lot of the times, I end up only making a few minor tweaks to adjust for exposure or vibrancy/saturation.”

—Kirsten White (The Witness Photo)

DC Presets

Created by: Dawn Charles
Price: $99
Style: natural skin tones, creamy highlights, rich blacks, lush greens
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 6 color presets
  • 2 black and white presets
  • editing tutorial

What you’ll love about it:

“The colors are natural and add a really dreamy and golden feel to photos.”

Jessica Billings Photography

“These presets are phenomenal for bringing life to skin tones! They have such a peachy, warm vibe that adds just the right pop to my images.”

Kylie Farmer Photography

photo by Barbara Duchalska Fotografia


Created by: India Earl
Price: $200
Style: golden honey tones, soft milky whites, punchy contrast
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 9 modifiers
  • toolkit
  • video tutorial
  • educational PDF guide
  • mobile presets

What you’ll love about it:

“It’s a gentle preset that gives my photos the exact mood I’m looking for – honey shadows, moody, but true to life.”

—Kelly Shoul (In Love and Adventure Photography)

Dirty Boots Presets

Created by: Dirty Boots and Messy Hair
Price: $59-$89
Style: warm tones with a little edge
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 7 color presets
  • 1 black and white preset
  • 5 add-on presets
  • video tutorial
  • instructional PDF

What you’ll love about it:

“The DBMH presets have perfect earthy undertones. They really enhance their highlights and shadows to bring out the natural colors of sunset images.”

Kylie Farmer Photography

Anni Graham Presets – Yosemite Pack 

Created by: Anni Graham
Price: $99
Style: warm tints, natural skin tones, earthy
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included:

  • 4 color presets
  • 2 black and white presets
  • Lightroom installation guide

What you’ll love about it:

“It has the most amazing tones, no orange skin, and beautiful coloring.”

Katey Mac Photography

photo by Translucent Photography

PS Presets

Created by: Phil Chester
Price: $40-$175
Style: clean, timeless looks, analog toning, beautiful skin tones
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: varies by preset pack

What you’ll love about it:

“The most beautiful film tones. Works great with a variety of lighting situations. Gives clean, simple yet contemporary look.”

Virginia Photography

Slate & Ivory

Created by: Jennifer Moher
Price: $59
Style: black and white, film-inspired
Compatibility: Lightroom
What’s included:

  • 10 black and white presets
  • 1 tutorial video
  • 1 color preset (bonus)

What you’ll love about it:

“Slate & Ivory are the most beautiful black and white presets I have ever purchased. Providing you have done everything correctly in camera, they are one click edits. One-click! My personal favorite is ‘the vintage one’. Jennifer Moher hit these out of the park!”

Diana Lubbers Photography

photo by Stephanie Rogers Photography

While presets can speed up the editing process, they won’t make or break your image – only the quality of your lighting can do that. If you haven’t already, check out our lighting guide to make sure your shots are ready for preset magic.

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